2 Interesting way to answer the question “What do you do?”.

Interesting conversation is all about keeping the conversation original and as far from boring as possible.
But no matter how original you are, you will always run into rather trivial questions like:

“How are you?” and

“What do you do?”.

You can off cause try to avoid these sort of question but it’s almost impossible dodge them fully. Never fight anything in a conversation you just risk messing up the flow, instead I would recommend you to embrace these dull question with original and interesting answers.
The reason why I almost “hate” these question is because they lead the conversation down a road most of us has gone 1000 times before, I mean, how many times have you told some random person about what job you have, think about it do you really feel that talking about you day job is that inspiring. If not, talking about you day job might bring a rather dull vibe to the conversation, because none of you are really that interested in that subject.
I think the main problem with these question are that they make the conversation predictable – if you are like me 5 years ago, you might know why I feel this way, because this is what usually happened back then, they asked me about what I do for a living – then I gave them a straight answer – and then (like a 1000 times before) I asked them about what they do – and then they gave me a straight answer. And then there’s a moments of awkward silence because none of us feel inspired by such an unoriginal and predicable conversation.

Here the solution;


Wait for it…


Break her conversational pattern!!

When they ask you: “So.. What do you do?” they already unconsciously think that you are going to give them some straight answer and then ask them back about their job, but the solution is not to do that instead you have to come up with some original and new answer, one they never heard before.
The real secret behind interesting conversation is to be relatable, so conversation between humans should really be about how you relate to each other (The goal of conversation is thus to find out what feeling you have in common, because that really the essence of how people relate).
So the secret to answer any personal questing in an interesting way is to understand how the listeners possibly can relate to you.
This makes fact boring, if people wanna know the fact of anything, trust me they will look them up on the internet, what they wanna know from you is how you feel about things, and particularly if you feel like they do about something.

Let me state that once more: FACTS (in conversation) ARE BORING (=because they are non-relatable).
It doesn’t matter what you job is, or how you spend your time, what matters is why you enjoy to just that. The goal is thus to explain your job so that they can relate to why you have chosen that specific job. Let me give you some examples:

Answering technique 1: “What do you do for a living?”

The ground rule is to find the common ground between you. What this means is that you should strive to find the things about your job that affect her life.

Your job: “Internet security specialist”. Should sound quite boring to most women, yes?

How your job relates to her world: You Prevent Bad People From Stealing Her  Money/Identity Online.

  • Girl: So.. What do you do?
  • You: I fight the evildoers of the world that are looking to buy XX with your money!
  • Girl: eh? How do you do that?
  • You: I type code on my computer that beats hacker at their own game so that they can’t steal your identity.
  • Girl: bla bla

Job title: Gas station attendant
Effect: You make her car drive

  • Her: What do you do?
  • You: Without me the world would come to a stop.
  • Her: So, what is it that you do?
  • You: I make engines run so that people can get to where they need to be.
  • Her: You repair cars?
  • You: Even more important, I fuel every car between Rochester and N.Y. Just don’t tell my competitors, they might say that I’m exaggerating just a little bit.

Okay, one important thing here is to not overdo it, if you are too vague she will get bored or annoyed, but it’s okay to give vague answer so that she will get intrigued and ask for further details a few times before she gets a feeling of what you do.
Also, if you have a cool job (like making cake) don’t try to impress her, instead try to tell her how your job effect her life, how your job contribute to her world.

Answering technique 2: “What do you do?”

NEVER EXPLAIN by just stating the simple facts – like”I’m an accountantInstead, tell her why you love that job (what positive feeling the job gives you)

Here’s an example: Job Title = Accountant

  • Her: So.. What do you do for a living?
  • You: I’m an accountant.. The thing I love about my job is that I really help people whit something that most people find really hard. I make it all make sense. Most of the world is not white and black, its full of degrees of gray, but math and especially accounting is, 1+1 is always 2. So I solve problems, and finished I always know that I have found the one and only right solution.
    Even though I must confess that it’s not always the answer that my clients want to hear – but they can’t argue facts with me either, and that really satisfying because I always know that I just provided the best possible solution to help person of firm to be effective in their financial lives.

Here’s another example: Job title: A laboratory technician.

  • Her: What do you do for a living?
  • You: I’m a health research. I spend my time figuring out the secret behind an eternal life; hmm or maybe just a better more healthy life! But It still is the mystery no one has solved, one day I’m going to solve it and that what keeps me excited about my work.

The goal is to see to help her to see you job thru your eyes, make her understand why you job make you happy. Remember your job is not what important when answering the question “so.. what do you do?” it’s the feeling behind your choices in life that are relatable and thus interesting to others, no matter what job they have.

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