Dealing with a womans objection

When you are out in a club, meet a girl you like and decide to invite her back home, often she will come up with a couple of rejections, if she is attracted to you these objections does not merge because she doesn’t want to go home with you, they submerge because she need some help rationalizing what is about to happen. Here are a couple of examples of what she might say:

  • I don’t think we should be doing this
  • We can’t do this, I just meet you.


Objections like these are very common, and it’s important to know how to get around them otherwise the girl won’t go home with you that night. In fact when you know how to deal with these objections then you can actually use them to your advantage, if act in the right way it will boost her attraction toward you, and she conclude that you are the right guy for her.

Most guys will show an emotional reaction when they get a objection from the girl, they will think that they did something wrong or that the girl somehow lost her attraction for them, if they will start losing their game and soon they will have lost the girl, but not me I LOVE objections, and when you have finished reading this article you will to. Why? Because objections give us the change of selling our selves even further. So objection is actually not a bad thing they are opportunities to help her decide.

You might think that when a girl object to going home with you, it’s because she doesn’t want to sleep with you, but this is not true because if she didn’t wanted to be with you she would simply just leave, so objection are more just a sign of that she is on the fence. If she is objecting but is still staying with you, it’s because she haven’t been able to rationalize her feeling for you jet. So an objection is simply a sign that shows that you are all most there.

So here we go!!

The 3 best ways of handling any women’s objections:



Getting rid of her objection and then push:

This is actually a sales technique that has been around for many years, in relation to product sales this is where you would list of logical argument and sales points, e.g.:  best on the marked, quicker, last longer, lighter, safer and we have a full 30 day money back guarantee. Of cause you can’t do this in a dating situation and further more you should never try to persuade her logical mind.

Here is how it’s done: The girl states her objection and is start to withdraw or even gets up to leave. Never ask her to stay (this will make you seem needy) instead you just insist/instruct her to stay, this should be done in the most friendly and warmly manner you can, BUT STILL FIRMLY, just tell her that she should not leave, she should instead sit/come with you. Here’s an example:

  • Her: [she is getting up to leave] “I’m going to go back to my friends now”.
  • You: “Yes you can do that soon, but first sit here with me a few more minutes”.
  • Her: “I have to go – they are probably worried about me!”
  • You: “Sit a few more minutes and then you go. If they were worried, they would just call you.”
  • Her: “But they are probably wondering where I am!”
  • You: “Three more minutes of missing you won’t make a difference. Sit back down.”

NOTE: THIS IS ALL SAID IN a VERY FRIENDLY manner, with a very WARM VOICE. You don’t want to come across as threatening in any way. When done right the girl will almost comply.

Watering down her objection before she gets a chance to use them:

This is one of my favorites; I like the smoothness this technique can brings to you game, because this technique will actually prevent her from objecting almost completely. Here is how it’s done: Before she has even objected to anything, you start to object. It’s funny because you use her weapon against her, and after words she can use these objections without sounding silly. Here is how it works: At the moment of the first attraction – the moment where you both know it’s on (for instance at the moment of your first kiss) – right after that moment you thought out an objection or two: Here is an example:

  • I’m sorry – I’m not that kind of guy, you know.. I have feeling too..
  • I can’t go home with you, I just met you

Note: these statements should be said with a big smile on your face in a very playful voice. These will make her laugh, and now she can’t use those later on the night when you want to take her home.

Turning her the objection around:

Objections are not only done if the girl is about to leave, for example you could be at your place laying in  bed, and as you make an physical escalations she start too object, saying: “This is too soon, I don’t think we should do this”. Now what, how should you handle this one?

In a situation like this, I often use something I call “turning the objection around” it might sound complicated but it is in fact very simple but still very effective. All you need to do, is to be able to take on a wiseass attitude, the ability to counter-phrase a question, and the ability to say question in non-offensive warm, friendly and sexy way. When you get an objection – just throw it right back in her face (in a charming way)

  • Her: We shouldn’t do this!
  • You: Okay, what should we do?

Remember said in a warm, friendly and teasing way.

  • I don’t know if we should do this!
  • Oh yeah, we should totally get up and go play game of monopoly.

When you have made your comeback, you should just look at her like she you silly little sister and then proceed like nothing happen, escalation or whatever you were doing.

Why this is working: When she is saying “we shouldn’t do this” that’s really not an objection based on anything logical, so when you counter-phrase her question you challenge her to reason for her own objection, this is done when you say “What should we be doing?” most often she won’t be able to come up with a real logical answer and I guess she will feel “well maybe we should be doing this”.

Also when you do this kind of thing, you make yourself stand out because let’s face 99% of all men would chicken out at this point, they think is game over, and they would let her end right here and then, so when you respond in this totally non-needy, calm, confident and sexy way, you are displaying all the characteristics of an alpha male, the kind of man that she’s been looking for, and indeed the type of man that would go to bed with quickly.

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