How to be confident around HOT GIRLS

Are you afraid of hot women?

Imagine yourself in a you are talking with to mediocre look girls, the conversation is going great, you are on your best game, totally in the moment and everything say is just naturally funny. But then their HOT girlfriend arrives she is the hottest girl you ever seen. Beautifully blond hair, big blue eyes, the sexiest mouth you can imagine, a perfect tan, and a unbelievably hot and sexy body.

You start to sweat, suddenly you have a hard time getting anything over your lips, all night you have been so talkative, but it’s like you mind is empty. You observe yourself changing your body language from confidence guy to the master of fidgeting hand. You can’t get the words out of your mouth, so you panic and decide to eject yourself from the conversation by excusing yourself just to save face. Turn around and walk of way (“the walk of shame”).

Have this ever happen to you? I know that many guys I have talked to, find them self being quite funny and charming around mildly attractive women, but the moment a very attractive and beautiful enters the conversation they woman they come apart like a shaking leaf.

How can you fix this?

I hate to bust your dreams, but you won’t be able date extremely hot girls successfully as long as you find them intimidating. This means that you need to take care of this problem; do you know why do you feel this way? In my experience, it’s probably because you are putting them up on a pedestal; you feel they are “cooler” than you, and thus you become self-aware in their presence, which makes you come across as very unconfidently and the girls start to lose their attracting for you rapidly.

Recently I have read a book called “The Female Brain” written by Allison Armstrong, Allison explains that the area in a woman’s brain that recognize and interprets non-verbal signals in conversation (such as body language, tonality, and intent), is 10 times larger than the corresponding part of a man’s brain. This means that a woman can sense if you are nervous and unsecure about yourself.

How do you get rid of this “Hot Woman Syndrome”?

Stop putting her up on a pedestal!!!


She is not as perfect as she might appear, you don’t know her so you have not reason to perceive her as a perfect or high status person. You have absolutely no reason to give her such status just because of her look; she might be stupid or even be a very bad person. One thing that helped me back in the day when I suffered from the HWS was to assume that there was something wrong with her, but I will say the more you date hot girls, the more you will realize that they are just like everyone else, actually I have found that very few girls have a personality that lives up to my standards, so I actually doesn’t find them as attractive as I did before. The key point here is to realize that you and her are 100 % equal, no girl is better than you no matter how hot she looks in a dress.


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