How to approach a girl

Imagine yourself walking down a crowded shopping street, you look ahead further down the street and see a girl that you like, you think she looks really cute, and you think to yourself, If only I dared to walk up to her, and start a conversation”. But the reality is that you do not dare to start a conversation with her, what if she rejects you, also you haven’t got a clue of what you should say to her so you make up some excuse and walk right by her.
I believe that this is a situation that many guys have experienced, I think that most guys wants to be able to walk up any girl they find attractive and then just start a conversation with her, imagine the possibilities if you had the guts to that, and if you knew exactly what to say to her, and exactly how to say it. This is what I am offering.
There are several ways to get skills like these;
The fast lane would probably be to memorize a lot of clever flirty lines and routines. This would immediately give you something to say, and thus it would probably better your game pretty fast. Even though this might be the fastest way to get some positive results, then it’s not actually the way I would recommend you to go, because the problem with scripted lines and other canned material is crucial, because you run a great risk of sounding scripted.
Also learning scripted material doesn’t really help you build real conversation skills, because you are NOT actually creating the conversation right there and then, you are merely repeating something that somebody else has created, and in the long run that’s not really going to help you.
I know that starting a natural conversation with a stranger can be a frightening thing, and it takes a lot more guts (in the beginning), but once you crack the secrets of how to do this, then you have reached quit far. Starting a conversation with somebody takes practice and understanding of the social dynamics, but you can only learn these things by practicing these skills in real life.

Mind the social context:

One of the thing you have to keep in mind are the social context for starting a conversation with a stranger, there are two different types of situation, implied social situation and public situation.

Approaching girls in a bar:

In implied social situations like a crowded bar, a party, or other social gathering you don’t need that much of an opener.
You can just walk up to anyone and introduce yourself, people are there to be social and they are thus already tuned in to the possibility of someone new striking up a conversation with them. In these types of situation you do not really need an opener; all you have to do is to introduce yourself to the girl with a warm and confident vibe. Here after you can just ask her a open–ended question and the relate to her answer on a personal level. Click here to learn how to keep the conversation going with the girl in a bar.

Approaching girls on the street:

When people are out in public, they are not expecting other people to start a personal conversation with them, they don’t expect strangers to approach and talk to them unless that person has an agenda of his own with the approach. However most people try to avoid getting approached by someone with an agenda, (a person with a agenda could be a volunteer activist, salesmen, beggars, lost tourists and others.)

Most people try to avoid getting approached by these people because these people only approach other due to their own agenda; they want something from the person they approach. This is also why going up and just introducing yourself to someone won’t work in this social context, because he/she will just try to get rid of you because they expect that you want something from them. So this is where the focused conversation starter or a positive presumption comes into great use.

What exactly should you say to strike a conversation up with a stranger? Check out our list of conversation starters.

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