How to get someone to like you

Have you ever wondered about where likability come from? I mean, what exactly is it that makes one person like or dislike you?

This question is something that I have wondered about the last couple of years, and I have discovered one things that has a true impact on how likable you are.

A short story on likability

It was a sunny friday morning about 12 years ago, we were around 10 friends going on a field trip together. I was a bit late so I ended up sitting in the back of the van next to some guy I’ve never meet before.

He was actually the only one in the group that I didn’t knew, I guess he was a friend of a friend. Anyway, during the 5 hour drive we ended up having a very personal conversation about our upbringing. I discovered that he, just like me, have had an upbringing in different children’s homes and foster-families. It was a huge deal for me personally, because I had never meet another teenager that lived in a foster-familly. Until then I felt like I was the only guy in the world who had that upbringing.

Anyway, we had a great conversation about our childhood memories, we shared how we felt about our upbringing, about our foster families and more. And when we arrived at our end destination about 5 hours later, this guy and I had created a strong bond and friendship, we had a mutual understanding, and i fact this guy ended up being my best friend, and he still is today 12 years later!

Okay so what happen in this conversation, that made us connect on this level, and made him and me like each other so much?

Well I remember how we shared personal stories from our upbringing in our foster-families, and I discovered that we had some very similar childhood experiences. Further and I more importantly I found that we had gone through a lot of the same emotions in these situations. This conversation was very interesting too me, because my whole life I had felt that I was the only person in the world that had experienced such an upbringing, let alone felt those emotions, so when I discovered that he had experience very similar emotions, it made a huge impression on me, I felt like we had a mutual understanding which I haven’t experienced with any one else before. It was a huge  relief, I remember thinking: “Wow this guy is a lot like me, I didn’t though anyone else had felt like that!” and from that point I just liked him.

Since then I have gone through this super connective conversation (and many other conversations like it), to sort out what it is that makes people connect and like each other.

Social skill insight revealed:

I believe that we humans connect through our personality and emotions! Or said in another way; The more we see of our self in someone, the more we like them.

The essence of humans, the very thing that makes us humans – is our thoughts and feelings – but only your feeling are universal!


Different people have different opinions (thourghts), but ALL humans experience the same feelings. This means that your feeling are universal to all humanbeing being. We all feel happy, we all feel sad, mad, and so on, this is true no-matter race or political convictions, we all at some point or another experience everyone of these feelings.

This means that all human humanbeings have something common, their “humanity” OUR FEELINGS!!

You can thus connect with any one on the planet, if they just mannage to relate to them on an emotional level!

Or more importantly, I believe that people who understand and relate to each others on an emotional level, naturally also will find each other very likable! This especially true if they can “see themselfs in the other person”!

So how can you make other people like you?

Well, It’s actually quite simple, All you have to do is to:

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Okay so I hoped that helped you I know this few realizations really has made my personal interactions a whole lot better.

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