Site Introduction – Can this website really change your life!!!

I don’t want to claim that this site can change your life, because I fear that such a promise would sound to cliché-like. But I must admit that I believe the content here is very unique and powerful. :)

What can we do for you?

Hmm to answer this, I want to ask you a few questions about your social skills and your social abilities.

Here we go:

  • How would your life be different if you had very good conversation and social skills?
  • What effect do your think great conversation skills would have on your job?
  • Would great social skills have any effect on you romantic relationships?

How does your social skills affect your life?

In our opinion having great social skills is as important as having an education!

I was quite astounded to learn that multiple studies indicate that your social skills are even more important to your income level than the degree of your education.

I was even more surprised when I read that these studies was carried out on technical businesses like engineering and architecting, the study results were clear, they confirmed that about 15% of any person’s financial success is due to his or hers technical knowledge, and about 85 % is due to skills in human interactions and the ability lead people.These facts were later confirmed by multiple studies, including research done by “Carnegie Institute of Technology”.

However It’s no secret that I believe that your social skills is the foundation of your personal connections between you and the rest of the world, and therefore your social skills naturally affect your ability to obtain and keep your dream job, a girlfriend/boyfriend or even the life that you want for yourself. In my experience really bad social skills and people skills can prevent you from living the life that you want and dream about.

There is an old expression often used in showbiz that I think express this very efficient:

If they like you, you can do no wrong. But if they don’t like you.. Good luck!!

Nothing is more powerful than when your friends and coworkers really likes you, they will give you more room for errors, they will listen to you more intensely than do with others, they will give you more leeway before they get bored, and they will even laugh when you are not funny.

In my opinion the ability to deal with people is a commodity as well as any other certified skill out there. In fact I believe that social skills are the most pressures and important skills a person can have.

Because your social skills is the verbal (and non verbal) glue that hold everything together, your social skills has a huge impact on the outcome of most things you do, because when people find you charming, funny, likable and trustworthy, they will often help you with any problem you might have, they will even often see through with your mistakes,

But if people find you unkind, weird or socially awkward, they will think less of you, they will disrespect you behind your back, they certainly almost never help you, and more often they will even work against you – because of you lack in likability.

This is also why I find it so bizarre that most of us attain school (which we paid 1000 upon 1000s of dollars for) that teaches us “all the classes we need to know to get great job”, but the one thing, the thing that in my opinion is the most important skills of them all, they neglect to teach you. They simply leave it up to your selves to figure it out, when it comes to learning social skills you are on your own, you have to learn it by trial and error, of cause this can be done, but and let’s face it, it is probably not the most efficient way to learn any skill.

This website is dedicated to revealing many of the insights of social skills that a natural ultra extroverted person unconsciously knows and uses in his daily life. The stuff that is and will become available on this website is not available anywhere else on the web, I spend most of my awaken time to study this stuff, because I feel, is the most overlooked and most useful knowledge that anyone really can study. I know that  it has changed my life tremendously, it has gotten me more friends than I ever had before, it has given me far more choice when it comes to finding a girlfriend, and I’m now happier than ever.

I know this sound like I’m trying to sell you something, I will try to that in the future, but right now, right in this moment I true just want to motivate you to start studying this stuff, because I have personally experiences how I changed my life for the better, and I totally feel that other people really could make good use of the knowledge I share for FREE on this site.

Some of you might be a little bit suspicious about if its possible to acquire any skill by reading about it.

I imagine that you might be thinking; “Well if I learn all this conversation and social skill stuff, wont I risk to end up very unnatural, and not being myself?

Let me tell you: “NOOO”, not if you do it my way because this site is not like any other site on the web, we will not teach you line after line that you should try to memorize like some other site does. Instead we will give you techniques that will bring your own real and charming self out there. In our opinion social skills is just the skills of getting foot inside the door, it’s the skills that gives you a chance to build connections with people and maintaining that connection in the long run.

So remember before you enter this site, we are not trying to change who you are, we are not striving to make you something you are not, we won’t to share with you knowledge on how people skills works, but these skills set are just a toolbox to help you display your personality,  so that you can help yourself build the connection and a deeper understanding of others, so you ultimately can get your real charming self out there.

If you think you could gain from learning our groundbreaking new techniques on how to be socially successfully, (how to be likable, how to connect with coworkers and others, how to build trust with almost anyone, and many other things) then maybe you should join the crowd and let us update your social skills.

So without further ado – Welcome to SchoolOfSocialSkills.Com

We recommend you to sign-up for our members group here! (it’s still free a little while longer)

Thanks for being interested in what we do.

BR Markus Ellek

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