Insight revealed: This is not the best way to change a womens mind

Let’s say that you have asked a girlfriend out one night, and she is not sure if she wants to go. What many guys would do is to try to persuade her MIND with logical arguments, they would strive to convince her intelligent brain with clever discussion and intellectual point of views until she scream no or went any against her will. This is not best way to persuade a girl.

Women are emotional creatures so they make decisions based on their current emotional state, and then after words they back it up the decision with rationalizations. I know this I quite a statement and maybe a new to view things for some, so please let me explain.

Here is an example: Let’s say for instant that a girl at this moment has a boyfriend, and this boyfriend is a “bad boy” kind of guy. I bet you, that if ask her, what type she attracted to, then she will describe a bad boy kind of type, but then in one year she might have a new boyfriend, and that boyfriend might be another type of guy, he might be a sports dude, so if then asked her again at that moment about what her type is, she will probably tell you that her type has changed, and now she is most attracted to sport guys.

But did her type really change?

If you ask me, the answer is NO, because she made the decisions to be with those guys because she is attracted to the FEELINGS those to guy could generate inside her, she didn’t choose them for their type or their looks, instead those guys were just capable of generating attractive feeling inside her, and she became attracted to them, and then after words she back rationalized her decision of being with them, by saying (and believing) that those guys were her type. But nothing has changed, she was all the time unconsciously interested in guys who can make her feel in that certain way, and then she just chose guys who could generate that feeling she wanted (she might wanted a guy that could make her feel like a women) and then she just convinced herself (and her girlfriends) that, that kind of guy is her type.

In my experience most girls will decide with their feelings and find a logical reason for why they choose as they did. So the easiest way to persuade a girl into doing something is to change her emotional state. If she is having doubt about hanging out with you, it’s probably just her mood that day, or the feelings you generate in her, don’t take her mood personally.

Just remember that the worst thing you can do, is to try and change her logical mind when what you want her to do is not in alignment of her feelings that day, either change her state or wait until she is in a better state.

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