Conversation Starters

Learn how to start a conversation with anyone!

Master the art of “starting” and “carrying” a conversation, all you ever need is our notorious list of compelling conversation questions and real life conversation starters, once you have learned the few but powerful techniques explain below you will know how to strike up a conversation with any stranger anywhere anytime.

conversation starter - street opener

This technique is probably the single most powerful way to start a conversation a stranger anywhere!! Imagine yourself walking down a public street, you turn your head, looking over your  right [..Learn more]

conversation starters - positive presumption

Positive presumptions (or positive cold reads) are probably the single most powerful conversations starters that I know, especially for people like me who want to be able to start a [..Learn more]


In this post I explain the simple natural technique of "How to start a conversation with anyone" in two simple steps. "Step1: How to start a conversation (anchoring), and "Step2: [..Learn more]

why you should talk to guy in a club (people of your own gender)

Many of the article on this website is about building connection, attracting and even just talking to hot girls, it feels like I have given countless advice on this subject [..Learn more]