Conversational Skills

Specific Conversational Techniques

conversational guidelines - the do's and dont's in conversation

Let's say that it's freday night, and you are in a bar bar with your best friend, you strike up a conversation with to girls both of you likes, but [..Learn more]

emotional conversation

Humans are emotional creatures, our emotions is in fact what sets us apart from the rest of the animals on this blue planet. Emotions are universal to humans, so when [..Learn more]

interpersonal connection - the art of repport

This is truly a huge conerstones in conversation skills!! If "small talk" is treading water, then building a true romantic connection is scuba diving into the deep end of the pool.  Rapport is a fancy NLP [..Learn more]

How to compliment a girl without being creepy

Before I tell you word for word how to give at girl a complement that she will never forget and truly appreciate, I first need to illustrate the social dynamics [..Learn more]

Hey guys, Here is a little dirty secret on how CNN and other major news medias exploits basic human phycology to ensure that their audience don't change the channel while commercials. [..Learn more]