How To Kiss

How to kiss her for the first time

Learn how to go for the first kiss

I’m starring at her kissable lips while she speaks, I imagine myself pull her in, and give her the juiciest kiss on those sexy lips, but damn I just can’t [..Learn more]

How to kiss a girlon the mouth

I look deep into her eyes, smile and look at her like she the yummiest cake I have ever seen, and then I softly say the following whit a sexy [..Learn more]

how to kiss a girl - step-by-step guide on how to kiss your date - first date advice on kissing

To make this one work you have to know how to carry yourself, because this technique needs that you display a strong confidence. In fact it will only work if [..Learn more]

How to kiss a girl method 3

How to kiss a girl when you don't you don't know if she is ready to be kissed. The solution is simple you just make her craving for a kiss with [..Learn more]