Social calibration

The art of social calibration revealed:

incongruens - to be an attractive man you have to keep it real - dont preen or try to be something you are not

First of all what do I mean when I say incongruence? Well personal incongruence is when a person actively tries to communicate something, while he deliberatelyun is subcommunicating the opposite. For example like when a  guy tells a girl [..Learn more]

social calibration skills

  (::: IMPOTANT INSIGHTS AHEAD :::) This is in my opinion one of the most valuable pieces of social insights: If you want her to feel connected to you, then you have to make [..Learn more]

social calibration skills

Wow this article got a bit long, I think it’s the longest article I have ever written so far. I like that - I feel so efficient right now. :) Btw, [..Learn more]

dating advice

Depending on your level of overall social skills at this point you will have a certain level of calibration skills, if you have are at a low level of calibration, you [..Learn more]

Social calibration: Calibrating yourself with toward others

I will now shortly tell you about something soon to come, it a new tool in the toolbox of social skills, I call it the art Limited Personality Displayed: Through my upbringing I [..Learn more]