What makes something interesting in general

My old father always used to say: Laughter is found at the disgrace of your fellow Man.

The essence of this old saying, and the  principle it stands for is very much applicable to the making of interesting conversations. In accordance with this I have often noticed that a conversation is more interesting when something or somebody is on the line, this could be an individual or group, or an idea, a presumption, or a common conviction that’s being challenged.

The basic understanding here is that if nothing is at stake in a conversation, chances are that the conversation is going to be boring.

NOTICE: I’m suggesting that you should not be mean or degrading toward anyone or anything. This is not about being a mean person, this is about putting something on the line, putting something up for debate. The “victim” should never be a person, instead try to make it a popular belief. The key point here is the fact that you need to take a standpoint, give people something to fight against before they really can and will get involved in a conversation.

If you start a conversation out by stating something very controversial, people will almost always start a debate with you, in fact it’s one of the must effective ways to bring people into a conversation while getting them 100% commited right from the start.

Smart thinking – right? :)

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  1. Freddy Swafford says:

    very helpful looking back for a great reference in conversations.

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