What to do on a second date? (second date ideas)

A guide on Where to take her, What to say, and How to move the relationship forward on a second date.

I truely understand why you are concerned about “what to do on a second date with a girl”. Specially if this girl is someone you already have had a successful date with, because now you probably feel like you have to “top” the first date you had, and it is this presure that make the second date more difficult to pull of.

Here is the most common second date issue’s:

  1. The main concern is that many of the regular “get to know you”-conversation topics are already covered on the first date, then what are you suppose to talk about on the second date?
  2. The second biggest issue is concerned with the escalation, if you kissed her on the first date (learn how to kiss a girl here), how should you proceed on the second?

I do understand why a second date makes guys nervous, because the second date is very crucial, many women will say “yes” to a second date even if the fist date were just OK, but if the second date isn’t better, it’s all over. If you a going on a second date soon, now is your chance to learn how to make this second date a memorable and fun experience.

Here is some ideas on how to have a successful second date:

Well let me start by saying; that I usually do something low-key on the fist date, becuse then it’s easier to top that on the second date, on a first date I usually take the girl out on the most busy shopping street in copenhagen. We just walk and talk, and visit the many interesting shops, this is fun because every shop is like a new world, I find guffy close to her, funny hats, and just get to know her.

Nomatter what you did on the first date, she will actually expect that you will do something similar on the second date! Exploid these expectations and do something 100% different, if you did something low-key on the first date, do the oppsite on the second date,  take her out somewhere fansy “high-key”.

No matter where you deside where to take her, I would suggest that you take her somewhere you felt comfortable, the best thing if you can take her somewhere you can “shine”. For instance if you make musik, teach her how to play you instrument. Or forinstance if like indoor clibing – then why not invite her to the local clibing center.

Whatever you do, I will siggest that you make something “active” together, something unforeseen and fun. I will warn you though, don’t go to crazy with it, strive to choose an activity where you can talk, otherwise the whole date will be about the activity it selves and you wont get a chance to develop you relationship with her.

Second date ideas – What to do on a second date?

I will suggest that you use the second date to give her some insight into who you are, it’s your time to shine, take her somewhere you feel comfortable, invite her to do something that you love.

  • Invite her out hiking, or
  • To the local shopping mall, or
  • To the ZOO, or
  • On a ½day boat trip, or
  • Go to a music concert

This was just a few, download the full list below..

Click the image to Download the “List of 101 Date Ideas”

The main thing is that you are out and about, the best activities will provide you with a continuously flow of new and different situations , like if you are in the shopping mall you can go from shop to shop and try guffy clothing and visit the pet shop and cuddle a bunny or cute puppy. The good thing about these types of second, these “out and about”-dates, is that they will give and her a history together! for instance like when you take her out on a busy shopping street, you can go from shop to shop, and each shop is like a little new adventure, at the end of the night you have tried 20 different thing togehter and you will feel like you known each other a lot better.

Learn what to talk about on a first date:

If you need some inspiration to what to talk abot on a date, I would recommend you to read the eBook you can download in the sidebar, or at least read the few articles:

Okay so now you know: What to do and what to talk about, if she agrees to meet you on a second date, here is:

One last thing you need to know:

One thing that a lot of people miss – is the importance of how you greet her when you first meet her on the second date. Because how you act the first few seconds actually dictates how the rest of the interactions are going to go down the rest of the date.

It took me many years to realize this, and thus I have experiences some painful experiences greeting the girl in a very awkward way.

I will say that this is a portentously awkward moment for many guys, but fear not I will now tell you how I go about it. The secret is to greet her in the right manner, to set the bar of how you are going to interact with each other right from the get go!

First of all, both of your are probably worrying about how the date is going to turn out, is it going to be as fun as the first date, are going to be any awkward silence and so on. The best thing you can do to kill that worry is to set the bar high as soon as you meet. This moment when you first meet again is a great opportunity to establish how you interaction are going to be the rest of the date is going to go. It’s actually lot like doing a cold approach on woman for the first time, the energy that you display at that moment are going to tell her how the rest of the interaction with you will go.

The main thing you should be focusing at the first re-encounter is to re-establish that funny sexy vibe you had with her on the last date. To do this I myself strive to be assertive right from the get go to re-establish that comfortable vibe with her, I want to come off as extra warm and affectionate right there and then because that is going to take away most her nervousness.

A good rule of thumb is to never escalate backwards on your dates unless she is specifically are trying to slow it down. This means that if you for instance kissed her on the first date, then you should set the second date off on the same level of intimacy as that. So if you for instance kissed her on the first date, then you should definitely greet her warmly her with a confident hug and a kiss her right there on her lips, don’t make it to fast try to do it with a slow romantic vibe without trying to “make out with her”. Secondly be the first one to end the kiss.

Hmm well as a side note to the hug and kiss explained above I will say that; If you haven’t kissed her on the first date, don’t kiss right when you’ll meet on the second date, but use the opportunity to give her warm and intimate hug with your arms around her waist, while looking deep into her eyes in a slightly seductive way for a moment. Then again be the first one to end the hug, I usually end it by saying; “let’s go”, and then taking her hand leading her in the direction we are headed.

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