What to do when she says “No”?

First of all realize that when it comes to flirting, “no” does not always means “no”, it rather means “you are moving to quick farward”. In any other case, I would say that “No” means “No”, but when it comes to my dating life I have learned that No” also means “not yet”.

NOTICE: The intention of this article is not to give any consent for any insulting behavior or actions.

However women do sometimes verbally express the opposite of they really mean, the only way to determine what they are really saying is to listen to their tone of voice their body language and their facial expression.

There are especially one scenarios that I often see girls do, for instance have I more than once experience that a girl is saying “no” verbally while her entire body language is signaling “yes”, in these situation the “no” means “not yet”. This happen if you are doing good but moving too fast forward.

Why do girls say “No” if they really mean “No yet”.

Well to understand the reason for this apparently irrational behavior, we have to understand what kind of pressure sexual active girls live under in the modern society. Because the modern society are still looking down on girls who too openly express their desire for a guy – especially if it’s a guy she just meet.
We judge and admonish these girls with word like “cheap” and “slut”. This is why many girls subconscious sometimes act like they don’t enjoy a man’s approach, only to end up fooling around with him that very same night.
As a young boy I grew up with my single mother, she taught me to respect women, almost excessively. So when I was 18 – I was the typical nice guy, I critically judged men who openly “came on to a girl”. It confused me a great deal to hear female friends complain about these men, whom with they always seemed to wind up with anyway one way or another.
I was the overly nice guy, I thought I was respectful to girls because I didn’t came on to them, and if I once in a while meet a girl who were interested in me the moment she made the smallest indication of resistance I backed off and left the girl alone for good, that was my idea of being respectful. I would stop pursue girl because of my self-righteous idea’s of how to be respectful, and unlike all the other guys out there (who got the girl) I never got the girl.

You have to move things forward:

Its quit simple, if you want to get a relationship with a girl, then you have to display a flirtatious and sexual vibe with her. In fact if you don’t manage to create a sexual tension between you, and you don’t moves toward kissing and ultimately sex, the you are for sure going to end up in her friend zone.
I don’t mean that you have to that all that the fist night, but there has to be a contentious progression right from the start, and at some point you have to make it more physical with the girl, otherwise she will assume that you are not interested in her or just not man enough, and then she are going to put you in the friendzone.
Okay so what you need to do is to move thing rapidly forward until you meet a little bit of resistant. She has to put up some resistance so that she won’t look like a slut. When you get to this point respect her “no” but remember that it often does not means “no” it really just means “Not Yet”. Once you hit her resistance level, all you have to do is to take it a step back, but then after a while you precede forward again as nothing happen.
Getting a “no” troughs a lot of guy of their game, the only right thing to do here ate this moment is to play it cool, don’t let it affect your mood, and remember that women do not respond to logical reasoning in these matters, you can’t argue your way into her pants. Also girls do not respond well to begging, actually they don’t wanna discuss the whole “why” or “why not” the two of you should kiss, just back of and then try again a bit later, be assertive and make it happen, rather than try to convince her to make it happen.

I would suggets that you take a look on this realted article, where I explain the only true way a guy should deal with a girls rejection and objections.

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